The Infamous "Rainy Season"

Starting its "reign" in the month of May, rainy season in the Cayman Islands lasts until approximately the end of October; wreaking havoc on any and every event unfortunate enough to be caught in its wake. Now, it is not to say the season itself can be predicted down to an exact date or time; however, there are some extra precautions you can take to counteract this.

Tents with side-walls are always an attractive seller - protecting your guests and keeping your event rolling, while still maintaining the charm of an outdoor event. However, depending on the severity of the situation, this may not always be the best option.

Moving the party inside has to be the most of obvious and practical solution, but this does not have to be as disappointing as it might be initially perceived. With the right events team, the party can easily be turned into one not easily forgotten - with options such as LED displays, cabarets, indoor carnivals, ballroom dancing, etc.

Utilizing the rain can also be a winner in terms of event planning. We may not be able to control weather conditions; however, we can plan the activities to involve the unavoidable outcome of getting drenched. As long as safety is monitored and planned for, activities such as water-sports, umbrella spinning and puddle jumping (to name a few) can help spice up your event - turning a downpour into a upbeat game changer.

Asking your event planner is also another viable option. We coordinators have seen this scenario happen a thousand times over. It is more often than not we can find you the appropriate solution for the job - especially ones specific to what is available on-island and in a given time period.

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